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Therapeutic Interventions from Evolution

Using Synthetic Biology to Deliver Genomic medicines: 

siRNA, ASOs and CRISPR-Cas9

Gene editing and silencing technologies are some of the most profound discoveries of our century, yet realising their potential as medicines has been challenging. The difficulty with manipulating gene expression is typically associated with the delivery of nucleic acid-based drugs like siRNA, ASOs or CRISPR-Cas9, to their target. Proposed solutions have included delivery strategies based on synthetic chemistry or viral delivery. However, drug stability, PK-PD, bioavailability and intracellular trafficking have been a challenge. So far, 10 ASO and siRNA drugs have been licensed as medicines. However, efficacy limits their use as frontline medicines, challenging prescriber perception, patient awareness and accessThe Exogenix lab has developed proprietary drug delivery technology to optimise the use of siRNA, ASOs and CRISPR-Cas9 as medicines. Anthragenix and Exogenix offer highly efficient solutions based on recombinant proteins and exosomes refined as biological nano-platforms for drug delivery. 




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